Welcome to VIPA Racing

Thanks for visiting VIPA Racing. This site / blog is dedicated to the trials and tribulations of Vicky Baldwin (was Pickles) and car #14 racing in the 750 motor club Locost Championship.

2017 is my twelfth season racing in the Championship and as you can imagine there have been some real highs and lows. For the first few years I was very good at updating this site after every race and I've left all of those early race reviews on here. They're completely unedited as they were written in the post race excitement- its amusing to read them back, even if there are some bits that make me cringe a little.

Last time I updated this site properly the 2012 season was just about to start! Things have changed a lot since then and I'm mid way through giving it a spring clean, refresh and updating it with some more recent news. I'm also hoping to make it easier to navigate. Plenty of updates coming soon...



PHOTO CREDITS: A big thank you to Laura Manning and Steve Cross from @SportscarFan917 for the fantastic photo they took in 2014 at Brands Hatch which I've used as the website header image and also to Reilly Studios, Full Frame Photographic and P21 Photos for allowing me to use some of their great photos on my site.